Sunday, February 12, 2006


I don't know, just clueless.
Got test tommorow, and this is normal, I've not studied.

I like being with mus and abu.
Put us together and anything can happen.
Its fun and I acknowledged that sometimes things do get overboard.
I trully understands what Farhan felt in teh bus yesterday...
Tau, kadangĀ² jadi merepek... I felt a tinge of it too.

I like being funny tho' and it sure only comes when you're with the right people.
I don't deny that even when being alone at school I could just disturb anyone who cross my path.

Like calling out to someone and when they turn to you, just pretend nothing happens.
And there's this thing you'll laugh at, picture you'll walking normally with your friends and then there's one or two people behind. You take a glance behind at them, then give a panicky second glance, after which you run away while still giving panic glances towards them.
I'll burst into laughter after that...

But being with mus and abu, they'll join you and laugh at your antics.
Sometimes I'll just drop one liners unconsiously and this people will laugh.
Like the penawar rindu song...

I'm funny?
I don't know, I guess I'm just crazy...

I guess categories do exist eh...

But I tell you, Hatta is one crazy jig.
You gotta go to school with me to find out.

Abu... bole jadi brother, kita dah macam adik beradik tau.
Nyah nyah nyah!

I hate my Sundays last time and I still hate them now.
Though its slightly better now...
Slightly je.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

100.0 Mbps

I'm getting lazy at this...
Prolly the lapse in not getting online have stop me from posting more.
I have loads of picture that I wish to share but somehow the lazy bone just held me back.
The Computer's running on broadband now, so erythings good.
I'll try ok.

Its been sometime since I meet the BS people, its fine tho'.
I like the way things are going tho' I wish I could be more productive, try to listen to lectures and do my tutorials.
Test and exams starting next week, 7 papers altogether and spread across a duration of 2 weeks.
After which I'll start my attachment.
To top up everthing, I barely understands all the modules, God!
And erm... elective final test tomorrow and I don't know a shit.

We got a site visit just now, a trip to the developing ACS(I) which is just a short walk from the back gate.
Thier school which is aready big are extending plus the rennovation of thier existing blocks.
Holy shit, it just makes me want to be a student there, its just much more better than our sp campus.
You'll be amazed I tell you, and its not even fully finish yet!

We reach back at school around noon, and from the time you could tell us that we were starving due to the tour around the site.
Being Wednesday, our timetable ends at 12 so there were always tendencies to eat out.
Its been around a month or so, we were eating out every Wednesday...

I used to spent time with Timothy, Asri and thier friends last time before eventually playing soccer at Serangoon area near St Gabriel.
Its just I wanted to be around I guess.
Quite foolish...heh.
But now being around with the guys from my class was much better and it was only natural.
Its only the 3 of us plus the occasional Fazela being around- as she's the only malay girl left in class- not to deny the fact that all of us are malays, hence the natural combo.

After much indecisive thoughts on where to eat couple with the grinding temple due to the hot weather, we ended up in Arab street, initially wanting to eat at a sarbat stall where they serve nice nasi sambal goreng as said by Hatta.
But upon reaching we realise that it would't satisfy our tummy, the lunch was pre-packed.
So we headed to New Hawa, which is around the junction.
A notice at the shutters deny us from eating there.
It read: We have move to a new location at Selegie.
So we ponder around aimlessly with our tummy unfilled.
At a junction we came across a big sign of Sabar Menanti, which is quite popular with the malay makcik/pakcik community for its Nasi Padang.
We headed straight there, settle ourselves, get our food and eat.
Not until we nearly finish that we realise we were at the wrong restaurant!
The one we were eating at were Selero Bundo.
Both were selling Padang dishes, they were side by side!

But its all good, we arrive just in time to get thier set lunch priced at $3.80(Rice, 1 main dish, 2 side dish plus a dessert).
I get myself the set lunch and add up a gulai sotong and a cup of bandung.
Jeng, jeng, jeng... the gulai sotong cost me $3!
Anyway its ok, the food's good but still I believe it could be much cheaper...
For the sotong lah at least.

Looking forward to more food outings.

A friend just confided in something with me.
I just like it whenever someone's open up and share.
Especially when you're starting to be close.
It makes me feel that they believe in us and we're trully regarded as a friend.
Not only as the object of hi's and bye's.
He'll tell me more later.

At the meantime,
I'm just telling that,
I'll be attending the Franz Ferdinand's one night only gig here.
I'm just telling...

*here's a long one!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Eid inhumane

Yeah i know.
There's no more connection at home.
And blogging?
What shit...

So it was eid'adha yesterday.
And I got the chance to record a footage of the slaughtering of lambs at a local mosque.
I showed some of my non-muslim classmates and most of them were appaled by the somewhat 'inhumane' sacrificise they witness from the footage.
I don't understand why.

So how do you actually eat your meat people.
Kill em'
How do you do that?
Slaughter right.
I bet thats the first ever footage you've ever seen.
Ewwww, eee.. What shit?

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


I've just terminate the 56k pacnet internet account.
My father gave me "Two Fifty" to terminate and pay up the outstanding balance.
But the billed was settled through Giro,
the $250 is still with me...

He said he's getting a broadband connection for home.
So we'll see...

E-learning's totally a waste of resources!

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Selamat Hari Raya.
Raya mood is still alive right people.
I still do get my raya packets!
But not as much...

Played soccer with Tim and his friends yesterday after quite sometime.
It was ok.
I think I'll just stick playing soccer with my friends.
The problem is when you're not enjoying playing... better off don't play.
I felt a little wretch, playing yesterday.
Its not them, they're good, and I would love for my team to play against them on field- which obviously haven't happen yet though we talk about it last time.
Let me put it this way;
Firstly its a school night.
Secondly its at Serangoon, which meant I had to travel quite a distance to reach home.
And lastly, which executed the feeling of wretchness is that there's no communication.
There's hostility, in fact I felt out of place.
Being the only malay after Asri's departure didn't help either.
No, they're not unfriendly, they're accomodating.
Just that there's this certain aura and I can't explain it...

Fuck you Tim... You're good!
Damn it.
Please stop, just stop!

Totally Booked tommorow.
6.30 pm, Geylang east library.
Nearest MRT, Aljunied station.

*Raya pics will be up soon.
Hope so...

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Fronting Harbour Front.

I had a nice time spending two days at Harbour Front's Spinelli after one of thier part time staff,(mixed-parentage & pretty according to a friend who went to the HR office on the same day with her. heh!) went M.I.A.
The place have changed alot, fronting a new mall, office buildings and a great new harbour.
Back then it was named World Trade Center.
I can still remember vividly when my dad use to bring us there, usually for an expo or exhibitions.
The place is dead I tell you back then.

So It was my first day at the new Harbour Front yesterday.
I was so amazed by the change yesterday morning on the way to work.
I was so intrigued by the cable cars, never been on them.
Maybe one day I'll set some time and money, and get on them.
One day... one day.

I did some touring of the mall after work just now, well maybe just a pass by.
And on my way from the office towers to the mall on the bridge, I was amazed by the sight of the majestic cruise liner.
Besar siol! nampak depan2 lagi.
She's Superstar Virgo, and she's a virgin..ahaha.

I'll definately will visit Harbour Front area when time comes.
Check out the mall and the harbour.
Macam2 ade!
Penat ah tadi nak jalan2!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Hey hey Ali, Ali mim alep lam sin!

I had some nice time with two friends last Sunday.
They waited for me to finish work and had iftar together.
Had pizzas, at Pizza Hut.
It did burn a little whole in my pocket.

Ok... dah blank pun nak tulis ape!
And get your Raya gear moving people...
Pardon me I've not.

Ali, this template's just fine!